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10 Outfits To Embrace The Maximalist Trend


Spring fashion has given a warm welcome to statement outfits and embraced maximalism when it comes to creating stylish fits. While your capsule closet essentials are vital, and always will be, learn how to lean into the maximalist trends and you will see that you can actually style statement pieces in many different ways.

Take a bright-colored oversized shirt, for example, this can be styled for work, going to brunch with friends or as a beach coverup. Even though it is a bright color, it has a lot of uses. Welcoming bright colors and patterns into our closets is about learning how to style them proudly so that they get worn.

Feel stylish and love the clothes you wear, here are 10 maximalist outfit inspos to help you style statement pieces all together and welcome color into your daily fits.


10 Lots Of Bold Colors

To state this simply, today’s trends have thrown out all the rules when it comes to wearing bright colors together, the more the merrier. One style tip is to have matching sandals and a mini-purse, that really seals the outfit together.

Other than your color-coordinated accessories, wear an orange blouse with a magenta skirt and you can call yourself a maximalist.

9 Three-Piece Bold Color Suit

Suits are the biggest fashion trend now, you can wear it to work, out to dinner or even to the spring wedding you are attending.

As with any matching set, you can also wear the items separately for easy styling, or wear them all together to embrace the maximalist look. Get a suit in your favorite color and make sure you wear it.

8 Style An Oversized Shirt

Going back to the oversized shirt example, adding a bright-colored oversized shirt to your wardrobe will bring you a lot of styling options. The featured image is a great example, belt it and make it a dress with heels and your favorite accessories.

Without the belt, it will hang looser and longer, making it perfect for wearing to the office. And for your Saturday farmers market outfit wear your favorite athleisure two-piece under for a casual look.

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7 Let Once Piece Have Its Moment

You can mix your capsule closet items with a single statement piece and still get a lot of wear out of them. Simply pick an item to highlight, whether it be a bold geometric mini skirt, pants or a top, and let the rest of the outfit fall into place with whites and beige accessories.

6 Max Out The Cut-Outs

Whether you want to go bold color or pattern or not, you can also choose a statement outfit that focuses on the details, such as lots of cutouts. Cutouts have gone viral as an outfit basic for bikinis, dresses, tops and even pants, pair your cutout pieces together for a classy and bold look.

5 An Athleisure Two-Piece

Athleisure is the trend that everyone loves because it is comfortable, stylish and made with the material that you want to wear and feel comfortable moving in. Get a colorful two-piece athleisure set that you can wear to yoga class or throw a blazer over with some heels and wear out to dinner.

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4 Embrace A Bold Patterned Street Pajama Set

Street pajamas are the trend that the world has been waiting for, finally, you can wear something that is considered formal but feels like actual pajamas. If you are trying to embrace your inner maximalist, this is the perfect way to get started because all you need is a bold and bright-colored button-down with matching flowy pants and you are ready for anything.

Be comfy and look cool by maxing out the colors and patterns with a flowy two-piece.

3 Mix Textures

Whether you want to go big, or be a subtle maximalist, mixing textures is the perfect method for reaching it. You can mix extreme textures like satin and crochet or leather and sheer, which create a contrast no matter how bright or bold the colors.

This summer expects to see a lot of crochet combined with satin as those are the biggest fabric trends.

2 A Color Scheme Outfit

In the featured image the model wears a shirt with various shades of purple and they choose one shade of purple to match the pants too. You can max out an outfit by choosing to coordinate various shades of the statement color, as opposed to one statement piece of monochromatic.

Remember, there is no wrong way, have fun mixing and matching your colors.

1 A Bold Patterned Two-Piece Set

From TikTok fashion to the streets, two-piece sets are all the rage and the perfect way to embrace a maximalist aesthetic. What is better than having a top and bottom that is the same bold pattern and bright color that can be worn together for a statement look or separated as aspects of your capsule closet?

The easiest way to make a statement outfit is wearing a fabulous two-piece. 

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