August 17, 2022


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A Simple Guide for Choosing Sunglasses for Men

Like any accessories, sunglasses stemmed from practical purposes: protecting the eyes from the harshness of light to maximize the vision when it is impaired by glare or light. Today, these things are no longer practical and simple tools. They are, without a doubt, a way to show personal finesse and fashion, with some people owning more than one pair so they can match the perfect pair of frames with their wardrobes, mood, and occasion.

In some cases, eye professionals will recommend wearing protective eyepieces like sunglasses anytime they are outside, and the sun is up. Regardless of the weather or season, these things are daily prescriptions that a lot of individuals need to be tasked with wearing. As a matter of fact, it is the sun’s glare that bounces off the snow during the winter season that can cause the most damage to the eyes.

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How do sunglasses work?

Regardless of the season or weather, what is essential to look for is the eyewear’s protection capabilities from Ultraviolet rays, also known as UV radiation. These things carry a lot of harmful side effects of the sun. As a matter of fact, UV rays have the most damaging effects on the sun. It can result in long-term and short-term eye impairment or degeneration.

The good news is that the lenses that can protect people against 99% to 100% of Ultraviolet-A and Ultraviolet-B light with 400 nanometers do not significantly affect the price. Usually, the price is only affected by semi-precious materials being used in the frame’s production.

The brand’s name behind the product can also affect the price because margins in the industry are pretty huge. A lot of experts recommend choosing sunglasses that are labeled as Ultraviolet400 (UV400) instead of glasses recognized by the EU, which only requires 380 nanometers as its maximum wavelength coverage.

Always remember that protection offered by these things can’t be seen

Darker glass lenses don’t offer more protection. The only way people make sure that they are getting optimal protection from UV rays is to have them tested or make sure that they are made by quality companies or designed by qualified opticians. This advice is very useful to individuals with prescription glasses. It covers two critical aspects: offering people enhanced vision from the spectacle and protect them from harmful Ultraviolet radiation.

Quality of sunglasses

A lot of individuals do not even think about the qualities of their lenses. Still, according to experts, cheap eyepieces that cost less than $10 usually suffer from distortion, which can be pretty dangerous if people are on bicycles or motorcycles since the distance perceived through these lenses may become inaccurate.

Not only that, its resistance to scratches, overall durability, and its amount of contrast are very important. Quality eyepieces like Oakley glasses have excellent lenses that help protect the eyes from the sun’s damaging radiation.

These things’ quality and look are pretty good, with excellent lenses, and provide the necessary protection to the eyes. Not only that, the vision you can get is as good as it can be. A lot of experts are pretty confident that people can find good quality sunglasses and lenses in the market today.