September 28, 2022


Dress like a Boss

Brunch outfit ideas: Sharpen up your weekend style


When it comes to brunch outfit ideas, picking the perfect ensemble isn’t always easy. From birthday celebrations to hen-dos, or just a catch up with friends, the dress code is often tricky to navigate and even harder to pull off. 

There are plenty of simple yet stylish options that will pair effortlessly with many items you already have in your wardrobe for an unbeatable brunch-time look. Establishing the type of brunch occasion is the first step to success, as this will set the tone for the formality of your outfit. For informal gatherings with a relaxed atmosphere, you can often rely on bold accessories to add some oomph to your outfit. If you are eating somewhere more formal, or you are meeting for a special occasion, select staple pieces such as blazers to add polish to your look. Remember part of the fun of brunch occasions is the dressing up, so embrace it.


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