How Embroidery Has Evolved Over the Years

“Embroidery was the love of writing your dreams with a needle, with a pearl, with anything that could enchant and bring tenderly to life a décor, an ambiance, a souvenir.” – Francois Lesage


Such has been the importance of embroidery in our world and its culture that its value has only increased over the years. Don’t even think for a second that this form of art is the creation of the modern world. It’s as early as the 1700s when having embroidered clothes in possession was a clear sign of wealth. Back then, there were no clothes or colourful threads which are why bone, sinew and animal pelts were used to create designs.

What’s the craze all about?

This is an art which involves stitching designs over fabrics using needles and yarn. With time, everything has changed, however; people have implemented several other items like pearls, metal strips, beads and several others in this art form. This art dates back to the time when people realized that they could sew clothes together. The usual wear and tear of clothes could easily be fixed by binding them through a thread. Then people established that if threads can tie fabrics together, it can also be used to serve a decorative element over it.

The world has witnessed the ancient samples of handcrafted embroidery from places like Egypt, China, Persia, India and Russia. They were a class apart, and each country had their own portrayal of their culture through these designs. History records from ancient sculptures and paintings show that this art was evident way back in 3000 B.C.

How far has it come?

As technology advanced, newer materials were invented to make these designs much easier. Computers introduced digitized versions of these design patters which is fast becoming a lucrative profession these days. The computerized machine usually contains a small piece of fabric over which mechanized needles designs the patterns which are preselected. No matter how far technology has come, the materials used for this art has remained the same. Still now, a needle and fabric are used to design.

These days, even renowned designers are trying their hand on embroidery and are reaping significant results. Just visit any supermarket or local clothing store and you will find a host of embroidered clothes to your liking. Usually machined stitched designs are less expensive than handcrafted ones because of the time and energy artisans put in designing with barely with their hands. It’s not merely a coincidence that the demand for hand crafted attires and fabrics are huge these days. People want to wear good designs and very few arts are capable of delivering them.

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