September 26, 2022


Dress like a Boss

I’m a fashion pro – my 5 ‘timeless style’ outfit ideas will help you look chic at any age


NO issue what age you may well be, you have the independence to costume as cute and attractive as you want to.

One particular female just exposed 5 styling guidelines women can keep up with no issue how previous they are.


Vogue specialist Kelly McCoyd shares her settling ideas on TikTokCredit: TikTok / kellymccoyd
Knowing about undertones is important in the world of fashion, she says


Figuring out about undertones is essential in the planet of manner, she statesCredit score: TikTok / kellymccoyd

TikToker and fashion pro Kelly McCoyd posted a video focused on timeless fashion.


The very first idea on Kelly’s list is to get experienced about undertones.

She suggests: “Know your undertones. Decide on hues and tones that are naturally flattering to you.

“This is also correct for neutral colors. Your undertone is key for selecting complementary tons.”

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Personalized Lines

Putting on customized clothes can genuinely alter and strengthen your wardrobe.

“Opt for parts with customized strains and typical silhouettes for assured timeless and ageless design,” Kelly says.

In her movie, she designs a eco-friendly gown that has been tailor-made to in shape her curves completely.

SKIP Awkward Traits

Subsequent, Kelly talks about the importance of feeling excellent in the outfits you decide on.

She says: “Don’t succumb to tendencies that depart you unpleasant. Sensation self-assured in what you’re putting on is important.”

The more self-confident you experience in the outfit you’re donning, the improved you’ll appear in the eyes of others.


Incorporating equipment to your outfit can make your overall visual appearance so significantly much better.

“Don’t ignore your add-ons. Timeless basics are rapidly elevated by individuals finishing details.”

Kelly talks about the importance of wearing accessories


Kelly talks about the significance of putting on componentsCredit history: TikTok / kellymccoyd

Some of the extras Kelly features in her video clip are sunglasses, a purse, and a scarf.

Whilst components may possibly be quickly neglected by some, they’ll add to your timeless visual appeal.


Kelly’s previous piece of tips is to keep away from overcomplicating your outfits.

She states: “When in question, uncomplicated is greatest. Hold a ‘less is more’ mentality for obtaining easy style.”

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The case in point outfit she’s putting on in the video is a essential denim leading paired with denim pants and heels.

She also provides a pair of black sun shades with a white purse to comprehensive the appear.


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