September 28, 2022


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Rainbow Six Siege update fixes new Operator gadget


Ubisoft is rolling out a new Rainbow Six Siege update with a long list of alterations, including fixes to its most up-to-date Operator.

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Because the launch of Rainbow 6 Siege Year 7 Period 2 gamers have noted difficulties with Sens, the most recent character to be a part of the Tom Clancy shooter. The Belgian attacker wields a dynamic new gadget dubbed the R.O.U Projector Systems. This makes it possible for them to produce hologram screens – whilst these can be shot by, they can successfully block a player’s line of sight. The builders have enhanced the R.O.U with this new patch.

Y7S2 also released a new map for the game’s Crew Deathmatch manner as perfectly as a taking pictures array and a refreshing struggle move. You can read additional on the hottest Rainbow 6 Siege update underneath.

Rainbow Six Siege Update | Y7S2.1 Patch Notes


Fastened – Drones may possibly not spawn in the chosen spawn area.

Fixed – Some sticky throwable devices might break windows that are driving barricades when thrown on the barricade.

Fixed – A variety of animation challenges.

Set – Attacker equipment deployed on Castle’s Armor Panel can be destroyed as a result of the Armor Panel with a one melee hit.

Level Design

Fixed – Various LOD issues on a number of maps.

Preset – Gadgets clip by way of the metallic frame of the display screen situations on Chalet map. Set – Wamai’s Magazine-Internet techniques never ruin the vegetation on Emerald Plains map when deployed on to them and can not be picked up following.

Preset – Operators receive explosive problems as a result of the pink cabinets at 2F Pink Area on Household map.


Preset – R.O.U. Projectors briefly reappear a handful of seconds just after they self-destruct.

Preset – Sens’ R.O.U. Projector Screen is missing in Match Replay, conclude of spherical replay, and destroy cam.

Fastened – Sens’ remaining hand makes use of the erroneous animation although vaulting and keeping a R.O.U. Projector Technique.

Preset – Explosive devices deployed on the surface of Mira’s Black Mirror can reduce opponents by it.

Preset – Spectators can see Sens’ R.O.U. Projector Screen on a flooring that’s one level under.

Set – Nomad’s Airjab briefly reappears a couple of seconds soon after remaining wrecked.

Set – Pests in Mozzie’s Pest Launcher seem as Doc’s Stim shots when reloading.


Fixed – Coughing bark is existing for Smoke when he is influenced by Poisonous Fuel.

Mounted – Bomb SFX are sometimes lacking for some gamers immediately after the defuser is dropped and then planted in the other web site.

Consumer Expertise

Fixed – Numerous customization and Shop concerns.

Fastened – Numerous UI issues.

Fixed – Various troubles relevant to the progression of the “Gadget Removal” private Battle Pass challenge.

Set – Killcam infobox does not show nickname suffix.

Mounted – Many localization issues.

Fastened – Sometimes Packs can not be opened employing the X / A / Enter Button on Xbox Controllers.

Fixed – Penalty banner does not appear and tiles do not lock immediately after the user is banned.

Set – Loadout variety resets after any Team Deathmatch match.

Mounted – Numerous issues related to Spectator HUD.

Supply: Ubisoft

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