The 20 Best Robes for Women (Because You Probably Need Something New to Lounge In)

There are a lot of great bathrobes out there. And chances are, the one you currently own does the job just fine. It keeps you warm post-shower and takes your makeup smudges and coffee drips like a champ (shout out to OxiClean). But some bathrobes just go above and beyond. You know, like the super plush one that Vivian wears in Pretty Woman? Yeah, we wanted to find robes like that, so we scoured the internet, polled our friends and read tons of reviews. Here, the 20 best robes for women on the market.

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Brooklinen’s robes are just as high-quality as its sheets. Each one is made from 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton, making them super soft to lounge in. The design also features convenient deep pockets, if that’s

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