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The Best Hair Brush For Men: 12 Options to Get You Out Of A Tangle (2022 Edition)


“If I’m locked up in my house all day, who cares what my hair looks like?” – 90% of guys during the lockdown. 

We get that, but it’s time to free ourselves from cooped-up caveman lifestyles. Even if you still work from home, you’re probably itching to get out more. That means it’s time to get that mop in check. After all this time, it might be tough if you’ve been letting your hair go, so you need the best hair brush for men. Maybe more than one. 

There’s a mind-numbing number of options, but Fashionbeans has you covered. We put together a comprehensive buying guide to point you in the right direction. 

Now that the world is moving on, our excuse for being lazy has run its course, so

scroll down, check out the selection, and get that rat’s nest in check already.


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It might have an odd name (FingerBrush?), but it’s still the overall best men’s hairbrush we could find. There are fancier, more expensive options out there. That said, this is still the best option for most men. Olivia Garden created an excellent brush for all hair types and styles, from Jason Mamoa monster manes to David Beckham side parts.

The FingerBrush has a contoured head to massage that dome while you brush and an ergonomic handle for guys who deal with hand pain. It’s also vented, so you can use a hairdryer with it. 

The thing even has ionic anti-static bristles. If you haven’t guessed, that stops electric-shock hair—pretty impressive features for the thrifty price.

Boar hair is the best kind of bristle (you’ll notice that pattern in this guide), and that’s mainly due to how they treat your hair as you swipe. As far as boar bristle brands go, we love Belula. They make some of the best, most well-reviewed hairbrushes, and they’re always affordable. This particular men’s hair brush is made with thin and fine hair in mind.

Boar bristle snatches up your scalp’s natural oils while massaging it slowly. They claim this helps hair grow more robust. This scalp massage also exfoliates and stimulates blood flow.

This bamboo brush is part of a handy set that includes a small bamboo pick for pre-brush detangling and two mini scrubbers for shampooing and beard care. It might be the only brush guys with thin, fine hair ever need.

Gainwell’s wild boar bristle hairbrush sounds like a grade school tongue twister, but it’s also the best brush for men with thick hair around. If your top fleece is dense, this brush will be killer. 

Like all the best-performing brushes, it comes equipped with boar bristles. Unique to itself, this bristle is from a big, badass wild boar. These firmer bristles are perfect for swiping through thick hair.

It’s best for short to medium length hair, so guys with Thor level length might want to pass. Instead, keep reading for the hair brush for men with long hair.

Founded in London in 1885, Mason Pearson was the first to patent a pneumatic rubber cushioned hairbrush. He improved on the design in 1918, but it’s been untouched due to the sheer perfection since then. Look no further for a luxurious men’s hairbrush that will last you a lifetime. Hell, this brush oozes so much class and quality it could become a family heirloom. 

This great piece will work for all hair types but is particularly effective with medium/long length hair that’s fine to medium density—considering the hair types and styles prevalent in England in the late 1800s, that makes sense. 

It’s gentle enough not to break brittle hair, and the boar bristle gathers and evenly distributes the natural oil in your hair. It’s quite the financial investment for a hairbrush, but it will probably be the last one you ever buy. And your grandkids, for that matter.

If you’re a straight long hair type, this one-step hairbrush might be for you. Fellas with massive curly hair won’t have to worry about detangling while blasting it with a drier anymore. That’s a win to me.

Revlon nailed it with their entry into the hot air brush category. It’s a fair price, a fresh minty blue color, and the ceramic-titanium barrel helps avoid damaging hair. There are even charcoal-activated tips on select bristles. We don’t know what they do, but “charcoal activated” sure sounds fancy.

Afro-textured hair can be tough to tame, but there are plenty of unique hairstyles no other hair type can attain. Among the countless hairstyles available for afro-textures, the wave is one of the most envied. It’s an amazing ripple that so many men and women rock.

Veeta produced the perfect brush for achieving that eye-catching wave. It works for long, medium, and short hair, brushing out tangles and distributing any hair oils. This won’t be the perfect brush for extra-long afro-textured hair, but it’s impressive if you’re looking to detangle or achieve the ever-hyped wave.

It’s time to make “cute” masculine because this leaf-shaped brush is damn cute. There are more compact brushes for travel (see the macaron brush below), but any guy looking for a small brush that takes up less cabinet room has found the champ.

This brush is a small package that packs some prominent features. Its Intelliflex bristles breeze right through any tangled mess. It’ll make any head purr with its ability to apply a perfect massage.

It’ll barely put a dent in your wallet, so why not give it a shot?

Does it surprise you that this wondrous, snazzy macaron (a macaron is a delicious, miniature french cookie) is the best men’s hairbrush for travel? Believe it because this gleaming compact killer is not to be underestimated.

This plastic cookie design includes soft rubber bristles, which work for everyone. Curly, fine, afro-textured, it can handle all doos. It’s not the best brush for post-shower grooming; it’s more for small jobs. That said, it’s not like you wash your hair on a flight or on the way to work.

This brush is exactly what the name says it is: a travel brush. Even if you’re nowhere near a mirror, it has one hiding in the shell. Combined with its portability, all these facts make it perfect for touch-ups on the go.

If you’re someone who looks for the most sustainable, eco-friendly products they can find, check out this German-made men’s hairbrush set. The repurposed walnut is more economical than even bamboo. Just think of it as old wood getting a new life.

Don’t be fooled. Recycled wood doesn’t mean low quality. The finish is so gorgeous you’d never guess they repurposed it. If Mason Pearson is the Lamborghini of hairbrushes, Leo Prinz is the Corvette. This little set even comes with a travel bag and a detangling brush that’s just as awesome as the brush. 

This men’s hairbrush is an ace in the hole for guys with long hair. The combination of high-grade nylon pins and the boar bristles, a “best hairbrush” staple, make this a winner. The boar and nylon mix is the perfect one-two combination for long hair that can get tangled up and frizzed out. 

The trick here is that the nylon pins work their way into the hair and detangle, while the boar hair does what it does best—gathering all that sebum from your head and distributing it evenly. That’s right; this brush won’t rip your hair out. Curly hair won’t tear, and fine hair won’t be snapped.

Regular brushes can be the bane of your hair care routine when you have seriously curly locks. They can damage your scalp, frizz out your hair, and leave it full of flyaways and split ends. Not a good look. Fear not, my curl-laden buddies, Crave Naturals’ Glide Thru Brush (not a typo) is here to save your grooming routine. 

It might look like a spiky bike seat, but we promise that shape will fit your hand perfectly. You have to hold it a bit differently thanks to its odd dimensions, but you’ll find it’s way easier to glide it through a curly top that way. The plastic bristles don’t catch on curly hair. They manage to detangle knotty curls while staying light enough to keep sexy clumps and coils intact.

I know tons of guys ignore shampoo brushes. A useful little gadget like this is a joy to shower with. It’ll massage your scalp, making it less itchy (for those of us who deal with that), and get that blood flowing to promote healthier hair growth.

This thing is also great for every type of hair. Seriously. Any guy who wants to up their hair game needs to take a close look at this shampoo brush asap.

And it has over 85,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Holy shit.

What To Look For In The Best Hair Brush For Men

Hair type

The best hairbrush for men is the one made for your hair type. Whether you have an afro, slick-back, or Shirley Temple tresses, you better believe there’s a brush made for you. 

If you’re wondering what brush is best for your hair type, we took care of that research for you. Check out the buying guide above to pick the best brush for your hair type.

Hair needs

Are you used to battling frizz-laden locks? If so, a detangling brush for curly hair is what you need. Have trouble working that wave into your afro-textured hair? There are brushes for that.

If you don’t know your hair trouble, it’s time to take a closer look. Take honest stock of what your hair might need to keep it as healthy as possible, then scroll back up. 


There are specific brushes for different lengths, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping. Don’t buy a brush meant for long hair if you have something short, and vice versa. 


    • This answer depends on the length and type of hair you have. Some people need to brush their locks differently, but the general tip is a long and smooth stroke. You don’t want to struggle to push through knots or go too hard because you’ll destroy that same sophisticated style you are trying to protect.

      You have to worry about bristles falling out with lesser brushes if you brush your hair too hard (I’m looking at you, cheap boar bristle). If you get the best hair brush for men from this guide, that won’t be such a concern. We only chose long-lasting, quality brushes with bristles that are locked in tight.

      Just make sure to scrape your scalp lightly. The oils in your hair and skin will distribute better and live up to their full shining potential.

      • The best way to brush hair for volume is with the Revlon one-step hot air brush. Usually, you’d have to use a round brush and brush down in small sections while twisting your hair under and over to achieve the healthy spring you’re looking for, all while holding up a hair drier to your nearly-dried hair.

        Revlon made that process a whole lot simpler. They weren’t lying about there only being one step. Just turn it on and use the same over-under technique. If the barrel of Revlon’s option is too thick for your short hair, don’t panic; there are thinner options that will do the same job.

        • Brushing your hair can seem like an anytime sort of thing, but certain situations are best for a quick sweep. If you’re using a product like hair oil or curl creme, bundles of boar bristles are a great way to distribute that goo easily and evenly, so it’s perfect every time.

          Wondering whether to brush it when it’s wet or dry? Hair can be weaker and easier to break when it’s wet. It’ll be nearly impossible to avoid split ends and snapped strands.

          Dry hair is best for brushing, and you can always use a hair drier if you’re in a pinch. There are even brushes made for use in tandem with an electric drier. Once it’s dry, you’re in the clear. Just pay attention to what we mentioned above, your hair type, hair needs, and hairstyle.

          It’s best to brush your hair like you do your teeth. Two times a day is the healthiest way for most people to get those natural oils moving. On the other hand, too much activity can irritate and damage the scalp. Avoid that like a germaphobe avoids truck stop bathrooms.

          • Olivia Garden’s FingerBrush is the best hairbrush for men with short hair. Check out the first entry in the guide above for more info about this fantastic piece of bristled bamboo.

            • Most hairstyles will benefit from a hair brush for men. Unless you have that stand firm in one spot like cornrows, a brush is perfect for plenty of tasks. Even short hair needs more than a comb to stay in peak condition.

              A brush will massage your scalp, stimulate your scalp, and distribute your hair’s natural oils better than a comb ever could. There’s no denying a good men’s hair brush is something every guy needs to have on deck, no matter the style.


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