August 8, 2022


Dress like a Boss

The Fashion Police Are Invading Elden Ring Player’s Games and Judging Their Outfits

A mysterious Elden Ring player by the title of ‘Fashion Police’ has begun invading games to choose the outfits of other players, and it is definitely hilarious.

This isn’t the initial time that an Elden Ring player has invaded other video games to carry pleasure to others both. Quite a few fans will very likely be very well aware of the notorious ‘Let Me Solo Her’ player, who has gone on to turn out to be really the meme in the Elden Ring neighborhood.

With Elden Ring getting so numerous bosses to deal with, it’s uncomplicated to turn into pissed off with the improved difficulty. But no bosses ruffle as numerous feathers quite like Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Which is where Enable Me Solo Her comes in, as gamers began summoning the hero to definitely destroy Malenia for them, with relieve way too.

But now there is a new player to summon, the fashion law enforcement. Perfectly, that’s if you want your outfit to be judged.

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Elden Ring | Story Trailer



Elden Ring | Story Trailer





Elden Ring Players Are Getting Invaded By The “Fashion Police”

Reddit person Moonpapa333 took to Reddit to exhibit their hilarious Elden Ring clip, which now has effectively more than 20,000 upvotes. The small movie demonstrates a person with the title ‘Fashion Police’ undertaking a entire 360 of the player, pulling out his telescope to do a entire inspection of their outfit, bowing, and then returning to his earth.

Quite a few supporters were rapid to stage out that they ought to have been arrested for their horrendous outfit final decision. The participant in the clip can be witnessed rocking a entirely mismatched headpiece and body armor, as effectively as a weapon clipping via their outfit.

A fellow Elden Ring participant also pointed out that they had earlier had a operate-in with the style law enforcement, stating that “a few months in the past I experienced anyone do this to me and my brother. He called me stunning, punched my bro and then severed finger out of there”.

So it appears to be like gamers will need to get their in good shape-on the lookout new if they really do not want to be arrested by the style police. Make sure to check out the hilarious video down below and allow us know in the opinions part if you’ve had a run-in with the fashion law enforcement nonetheless.

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