August 8, 2022


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Tips to Select the Best EltaMD Sunscreen

A sunscreen is must in every season. It protects the skin from the scorching heat in summer while creating a defense against the UV rays in other seasons. Do you use sunscreens? With numerous products to select from, deciding on one could be a tricky task. asks the women to consider Sephora KSA promo code on the sunscreens such as EltaMD. Well, it is among the top products present in this category. Users who have no idea about the sun blocks and sunscreens should select this product to start with.

How to Select Best EltaMD Sunscreen?

Your skin is different from others and it has different needs too. Finding a guide to choose the right skincare for your skin is necessary. Remember following factors when finding the right sunscreens. 

Skin Type – Is your skin oily, dry or combination? Do you see break outs frequently? In this case, you will need an oil-free sunscreen formula which will reduce inflammation. Girls with dry and flaky skin should try hydrating formulas to add additional moisture. 

Lifestyle – Do you remain in sun all the day? People who work in field such as marketing agents, salespersons, customer development managers and other laborers need more protection from sun. Find a sun block formula that is water resistant.  Search a formula with Sephora KSA promo code that contains SPF if you need a sunscreen under the makeup. 

Habits and Activities – Summer season is approaching with lots of plans. People tend to spend time on beaches and water parks. Living in water especially in the salty water of ocean may cause skin drying. It is necessary to find a sunscreen formula that is water resistant and contains some agents to prevent salty dryness. 

Top Sunscreens for Users:

UV Clear Broad-spectrum SPF 46:

This is #1 selling sunscreen in the beauty industry right now. This product is broad-spectrum and it has excellent persistent in the nature. It contains several features such as non-greasy, lightweight and UV protection. These features make it an outstanding choice for the users. It also contains niacinamide which reduces the redness and inflammation. 

UV Glow SPF 36:

This is another broad-spectrum sunscreen for the users. This product contains SPF 36 formula which ensures maximum persistence. People who don’t like to see the skin dull and chalky should bring this product right now. It contains zinc oxide with niacinamide. It also contains ergothioneine to boost the skin health and beauty. 

UV Sheer SPF50:

This broad-spectrum sunscreen is very powerful. The SPF 50 formula ensures outstanding protection against the UV rays and other pollutants in the nature. It can hold up for longer even if you dive in water. This product is a blend of sodium hyaluronate and squalane to provide shiny and lovely skin. 

UV Daily SPF 40:

This sunscreen is ideal for daily use. It is a medium formula that suits everyone. Order it with Sephora KSA promo code and save money in KSA. Consider the sodium hyaluronate and zinc oxide present in this formula. This will leave your skin fresh and vibrant.